The Long Holidays


Upcoming Shows

02.07.15 | Pig'n Whistle | 11 PM | $10 | Details
W/ Artichoke

Show Past Shows

Past Shows

01.24.15 | Private Party (Ask a Long Holiday for details!)

12.07.14 | Timeless Pints Brewing Co. | 3:00 PM

12.06.14 | Genghis Cohen | 10:00 PM

08.02.14 | TRiP | 9:00 PM

06.21.14 | Hotel Cafe | 7:00 PM | Tickets
W/ The Flashcards & Friends

06.05.14 | Angel City Brewery | 8:00 PM | Acoustic Set!

04.26.14 | Molly Malone's | The Long Holidays Album Release Party
$10, 21+, Free CD!

03.17.14 | TRiP | 10:00 PM | St. Patrick's Day W/ St. Nick and the Slaggs, Redwood Stills

01.31.14 | Cafe NELA
W/ Artichoke, Billie Sola Friis, and Cat Museum

12.31.13 | Angel City Brewery | New Year's Eve Madness Party
W/ The Sunset Drifters, The Velopheliacs, and Naked Walrus

12.14.13 | Highland Park | Tim's Birthday Party '13
W/ Artichoke

10.19.13 | Joxer Daly's | 3 Sets

10.05.13 | Angel City Brewery

09.14.13 | K York Studio | 2 Sets
W/ Artichoke

09.14.13 | The Talking Stick | 2 Sets
W/ Hello, the Future!

07.06.13 | Joxer Daly's | 3 Sets

06.15.13 | Westwood Brewing Company (RIP)
W/ Oak Street Blues, In Rotation

04.20.13 | Genghis Cohen

02.02.13 | The Tin Can, San Diego
W/ Down UFO, Rosewood 5

01.18.13 | Bar Pico (RIP) | Residency Night
W/ Hello, the Future!

01.11.13 | Genghis Cohen

01.07.13 | Lot 1 Cafe
W/ Hello, the Future!, Cartoon Bar Fight

12.28.12 | Bar Pico (RIP) | Residency Night
W/ Hello, the Future!

12.15.12 | Highland Park, CA | Tim's Birthday Party '12
W/ Artichoke

12.15.12 | Pasadena, CA | Ian's Birthday Party '12

11.17.12 | Bar Pico (RIP) | Residency Night

10.6.12 | Westwood Brewing Company (RIP) W/ Ever in Blue, Oak Street Blues

09.22.12 | The Tin Can, San Diego
W/ Rosewood 5, Jupiter

09.01.12 | Molly Malone's
W/ Dream Hydra, Outside Animals

08.24.12 | Bar Pico (RIP) | Residency Night

07.28.12 | Coronado's |

07.27.12 | TRiP

07.06.12 | Molly Malone's W/ The Brixtones, Just Off Turner

06.03.12 | Down and Out
W/ Mr. K and the Romeros, The Spoofs, Oak Street Blues

05.05.12 | Mr. T's Bowl W/ Artichoke, Sam Mellon and the Skylarks, Oak Street Blues, Whippoorwill

05.04.12 | Chain Reaction
W/ Suburban Legends

04.22.12 | Molly Malone's W/ Damn Lucky, Oak Street Blues

03.24.12 | Westwood Brewing Company (RIP) W/ Oak Street Blues, Mr. K and the Romeros, Joe Jane

02.19.12 | Molly Malone's
W/ Oak Street Blues, Katelyn Benton

01.21.12 | Carson, CA | Kevin's House Party W/ Gary Oldman in the Fifth Element

01.07.12 | Westwood Brewing Company (RIP)
W/ Me the Nomad, Oak Street Blues

12.28.11 | Down and Out
W/ Oak Street Blues, Curt Barlage, Chad Highgate

09.03.11 | Westwood Brewing Company (RIP)
W/ Oak Street Blues

07.30.11 | Mr. T's Bowl
W/ Vanish Valley, Sam Mellon and the Skylarks, Oak Street Blues

06.23.11 | TRiP | Through Two Lenses EP Release Party

2007 through Fall 2011 have been lost to history...


Giant Robot Album

Giant Robot Album (2013)

Hello, the Future! w/ The Long Holidays
  1. Giant Robot Song
  2. The Swan's Name Was Ingrid
  3. Not Blue Anymore
  4. Paper Cranes
  5. I Like Coffee
  6. Blue Wears Jade
  7. The Woman Who Loved Reality
  8. The Endless Summer of Adulthood
  9. Pay It Forward
  10. Skeptic Love Song

Music and lyrics written by Nicole Dieker of Hello, the Future! | Arrangements written and performed by The Long Holidays | Recorded by John Axtell at Sunburst Recording | Mixed by John Axtell at Signalhouse Recording | Mastered by Mustin at Mustin Enterprises, LLC | Album art by Jade Gordon

Through Two Lenses

Through Two Lenses (2011)

The Long Holidays
  1. Project Manhigh
  2. Suburban Coyote
  3. Cold War Battle Call
  4. We Take No Quarter Tonight
  5. In All Honesty
  6. John St. John

All songs by Jim Holmquist | Additional vocals by Jennifer Sargent, Tony Wilson, Derrick, and Johnny | Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jim Holmquist | Album art by JJ Conway

The Adventure Through Liquid Space

The Adventure Through Liquid Space (2010)

The Long Holidays
  1. 30 ft. Beneath the Waves
  2. Poseidon's Wrath
  3. Viking Funeral
  4. The Calm Before
  5. The Adventure Through Liquid Space
  6. All the World is Green (Tom Waits Cover)
  7. 30 ft. Reprise / I Don't Care
  8. Growing Gills
  9. Ray Bay
  10. December Pacific
  11. Bridges and Ballons (Joanna Newsom Cover)

All original songs by Jim Holmquist | Some songs co-written by Kevin Engelking, Rob Farley, and Eric Holmquist | Additional help by Joe Eno, Jennifer Sargent, and Sean Winkler | Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jim Holmquist | Album art by JJ Conway


The Long Holidays are Jim Holmquist, Andy Worshill, Kevin Engelking, Shaun Garnie, and John Higgins

- - -

The Long Holidays are a story-telling, whiskey-drinking, party-loving rock band based in Los Angeles. Their mixture of high-energy antics, character-driven songs, and copious, but responsible, doses of alcohol has made them one of "the best bands to see with a drink in your hand."

Using unconventional instruments for a rock band, including ukulele and trumpet, they have developed a sound that is uniquely their own. They pride themselves on spontaneity and audience participation, so every show is a new adventure, but not one you choose. You just strap yourself in and pray you don’t lose your keys.

After two albums produced with little more than laptops and flop sweat, they have produced their self-titled and first studio album, featuring songs that have become staples of their live performances. They are available for bar gigs, barbecues, and bar mitzvahs.

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